5 spring marketing tips to freshen up your social strategy for e-commerce

With January behind us, it’s time to start getting your online store ready for spring. As a business, now is the time to start placing your focus on spring-themed marketing and incentives as the seasons begin to change. Here at Kelkoo Group, we’ve put together some of our top 5 spring marketing tips to freshen up your social strategy for your e-commerce store. Read on to find out how you can boost your ROI this season.

Private and Public

2020 and the new decade hails the age of individuals, with companies having to work through to anticipate customers’ needs. Marketers reach new customers in the open while using closed channels to build deeper relationships. Understanding and managing consumers’ emotions is key to building customer loyalty. Via public ads, company messaging needs to tap into customers’ emotions, displaying what the brand stands for and how this can benefit consumers. Private channels require a more targeted approach, connecting with customers about sensitive topics, answering any questions they may have and helping to create confidence in the company and its products.

Timing is key

In 2020 customers want e-commerce to be easy, simple and fast. Slow organisation kills customer experience, be it through long phone wait times, slow customer service responses and unanswered emails all contribute to generating increased frustration amongst buyers. Timing should be instant: instant discovery, instant customer care, instant payments. Shortened timeframes are key to keeping up in the hectic world of e-commerce.  

Trial and test newsletters

Newsletters are the perfect way to create and maintain relationships and stay relevant to your customers. Newsletter campaigns are the ideal tool to help you to re-engage customers, recover revenue and increase sales. Creating and sending personalised emails will also increase interest in your products in record time. It is important to make each email engaging by using captivate graphics and approachable automation tools. Remember, more than 60% of consumers’ research and read product reviews before buying. Get your best reviews in the spotlight to build trust and increase sales.

Customer confidence  

The first rule of any business is to understand your target customers. You need to know their habits, their interests and how they spend their free time. Times are changing, and so too does social and e-commerce, to ensure that customer connections remain relevant and unique. Live chats, surveys and direct connections should all form part of your marketing approach for your online store, to help boost customer trust. Ensuring an open and honest relationship is the ideal way to boost customer confidence and convert clicks into sales. 

Referral marketing

The fastest and easiest way to kickstart your referral marketing is to set up a referral programme. After all, a referral program helps to influence the referral process through providing incentives or promos for your customer base. The “right incentive” depends entirely on the context of your company – what your store provides, what products you sell, your pricing and your brand visibility versus your competitors. Promoting your referral programme via social media and email campaigns are fundamental to ensure that you attract new consumers to your online store.

Keen to find out more? Why not get in touch with our Kelkoo Group teams, and freshen up your online store in time for spring.