Bleu Cerise boosts brand visibility after joining team Kelkoo Group

Bleu Cerise

Bleu Cerise is a French manufacturer based in the south of France near Nimes. The company offers a range of luggage types at discount prices: suitcases, handbags, backpacks, travel bags…

With over 30 years of experience and 35 physical stores throughout France, Bleu Cerise offers a range of well-known brands across their website, with over 600 different offers listed on their website, established in 2007.

Before making the switch to Kelkoo’s Comparison Shopping Service, the company were working with digital marketing agencies and consultants, but were not satisfied with the overall performance. Bleu Cerise joined the Kelkoo CSS after learning more about the advantages of partnering with another CSS in terms of traffic and/or CPC.

The company initially advertised a few products at a time on Google Shopping via Kelkoo CSS, and subsequently decided to increase their catalogue after seeing positive results.

After a few weeks of traffic, Kelkoo Group created showcase ads to reach new customers and increase their visibility against competition.

Valérie Garcia, IT Manager :

“We really appreciated the attentiveness and true professionalism we received from day one. Kelkoo Group listened to our needs and helps us to succeed in reaching our goals, while always keeping our budget in mind.”

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