Onboard on Google Shopping Ads with Kelkoo Group!

Why choose Kelkoo Group?

Cost Savings

Partner with us to save minimum 20% on your Google Shopping Ads Spend and improve your ROAS.

Experienced & Reliable Partner

With over 20 years’ e-commerce experience as a Comparison Shopping Service, Kelkoo Group was the first Premium Google CSS Partner. Today, over 5500 merchants are trusting us for their Shopping Ads campaigns.

Comprehensive Campaign Support

Benefit from a dedicated campaign support. Get access to performances reports and competitor analysis, while retaining your existing AdWords structure and full campaign control.

Google Shopping Ads by Kelkoo Group

Optimise your campaigns and meet your sales performance targets while getting the full potential out of your budget, increase your impressions, clicks and sales.

What can I gain from partnering with Kelkoo Group on Google Shopping Ads?

Partnering with us will grant you a new, transparent access to Shopping Ads, enabling you to optimise your campaigns and reach your business goals.

Automatically save around 20% compared to your current Google Shopping Ads campaigns.

It’s easy to make the switch. In under 48 hours your online store will be up and running, without impacting your Google Adwords configuration or current ecosystem. Retain your current bidding history and achieve pro-partner status.

Kelkoo Group will help you achieve the max potential of your Ad budget and optimise your ROAS on Shopping Ads.

Why partner with Kelkoo Group?

In September 2017, Google opened Shopping Ads on Google Search, and Kelkoo Group was the first Comparison Shopping Service to join as a Premium Partner.

Thanks to our strong expertise and data driven approach, we were the first Comparison Shopping Service able to generate traffic through Shopping Ads for our retailers, offering incremental, qualitative clicks in 14 countries across Europe.

We offer full campaign control, local support and the same reporting tools as you would access through your existing Google Shopping accounts, while saving you minimum 20% compared to your current campaigns on Shopping Ads, with no set up fees.

How can I get started?

Our dedicated in-house technical team will work with you to find a tailor-made solution for your current ecosystem, to duplicate your campaign structure, from Google Shopping to Kelkoo Group. We will also help you to increase the number of approved products in your feed.

Place an initial budget on your new Kelkoo Group AdWords account and start saving money from day one.