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Mobile friendly offers now available



More and more of your revenue generating traffic is coming from mobile sources, that’s one of the realities of e-commerce we’ve seen emerge over the last few years. Retailers have had different responses, some have created mobile specific sites, others have created fully responsive sites, many have done nothing.

Up until now we’ve supported mobile URLs, so in instances where Retailers have mobile site URLs (think http://m.amazon.com) and they’ve made them available to us, we’ve passed them on to you via the element <MobileUrl>.

However, partners with mobile compliant responsive sites usually do not have separate URLs. Additionally many sites would auto-redirect to a mobile compliant site based on user agent information. Furthermore ECS did not allow you to return only mobile compliant offers, or even prioritise them above non-mobile compliant offers. Now we’re offering you these extra pieces of functionality so you can direct your mobile users to offers that are more likely to result in conversion. 

Here are the three pieces of functionality:

1) I want to only return offers that are mobile compliant.

To do this simply include in your ECS ProductSearch query “mobileFriendly=1”. Only offers where mobileFriendly=true will be returned.

2) I want mobile compliant offers to be prioritized over non-mobile compliant offers.

To do this simply include in your ECS ProductSearch query “&boostMobileResults=1”, all non-mobile compliant offers will appear below mobile compliant ones.

3) I want to know if an offer is mobile compliant

If an offer is mobile compliant it will include the tag <MobileFriendly>true</MobileFriendly>.


If you have any comments or questions about our products or services you can email us at kpn-feedback@lists.kelkoo.com

Kelkoo Publisher Network team