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What is Kelkoo Ads?

Kelkoo Ads is an ad platform that takes advantage of Kelkoo’s comprehensive product database. Sourcing millions of products from thousands of retailers and presenting them to your users is a great way to increase your site revenue.

Ads are available to use in a range of attractive templates and sizes and are fully customizable. If you’re an existing Kelkoo Partner you can get started by signing in, clicking on “Ads” under the EARN menu then click the button “Create new Ad”.

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How do I use Kelkoo Ads?

It’s really easy! Create a new ad and follow the steps in the builder. You’ll see a preview of your ad and be presented with a small piece of code to include in your website or on your ad server. You can then track performance in our reporting suite.


Ad templates

We’ve created some great looking customizable templates in multiple sizes. If you’re interested in sizes we that aren’t available in the builder please ask your account manager and perhaps they can be created.



Responsive sizes

Some of our ad templates are available in responsive sizes eg Grid, this is great for when you need to place an ad in outside of standard ad unit positions. In the case with responsive sizes the ad’s width will increase or decrease based on the side of the html element in which it is placed. This also works superbly if you make use of responsive design in your site or on mobile pages.


Ad serving integration

Kelkoo Ads works with Doubleclick so you can incorporate them into your ad serving needs. Simply insert the following parameter into your ad code and you’ll be ready to go.


In context here:

<div class=’js-kelkoo-widget’ data-kw-tracking-id=”xxxxxxx” data-kw-country=”xx” data-kw-contextual=”false” data-kw-keyword=”iphone” data-kw-tracker-link-url=“%%CLICK_URL_ESC%%”></div>

  • Appnexus
  • data-kw-tracker-link-url=”${CLICK_URL}”

  • DART(old macro)
  • data-kw-tracker-link-url=”%c%u”

  • If you don’t have ads publisher, you don’t need to insert this parameter : data-kw-tracker-link-url=”xxx”

    Please check the syntax of the Ads serving provider’s document when inserting the click tracking macro. (The syntax of your click macros may not be listed above)
    Please note that there is no need to insert the Cachebuster tag because Kelkoo Ads takes care of that natively.


    Custom parameter integration

    You can now report against your own data points by adding them to the ad code. There are two parameters available to use (max 127 characters):


    Note that custom1 is not available as it is used internally currently.

    You can now report against these values by navigating to the “Custom parameter” link in the “Performance” section of your Kelkoo Partner Network account.


    If you have any questions or comments about Kelkoo Ads please let your account manager know.