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Introduction to Kelkoo feeds

Kelkoo feeds are designed to provide you with Kelkoo’s merchant offer base as easily and quickly as possible. As a Kelkoo partner you can integrate these offers into your internal systems and serve them to your users.

Feed information

Delivery Pull Files will be made available on our servers for you to download and process.
Protocol FTP Once Kelkoo feeds are set up you will be emailed the FTP details and credentials.
Structure By category OR by merchant Choose between one offer feed file per category or one per merchant.
Frequency Daily We’ll make updated feeds available to you every morning.


All feed files are available in either XML or CSV formats. Please specify the format required with your account manager.

XML Feeds are UTF-8 encoded.

CSV data is delimited by semicolon “;”. Fields with multiple values, for example deliveryCountries in the merchant feed file, values are delimited with a tab eg “UK           FR            DE       SE       BR”.


Folder structure

The FTP directories are structured in the following way:


Along with the feed files, status & md5 files are also included:







Feeds relationships


Feed types






Non-feed files

The status file

The status file tells you when your feeds are available for downloading and processing but also very importantly, when they are being updated.

A sample of status.txt can be found here. The file is laid out in 3 columns, date & time, timestamp, status.

When Kelkoo begin updating your feeds for the day the status file will show the status STARTED. Once all actions are completed the status will be again updated to COMPLETE.

During the FTP busy period (between STARTED and COMPLETED) we will also delete all old feed files.


The md5 file which can be found in each feed folder lists the filename and the checksum of each feed file. Once you have downloaded your feed files then you can compare the checksum of your downloaded files against those in the md5 file.

Best Practices

–        Check the gz files against the md5 file once you’ve downloaded the files to ensure the checksum is correct, if it’s not re-download as a non-match implies corruption.


–        It is not advisable to modify URL data from the feed, either offer URLs or image URLs unless specified by Kelkoo.


–        In order to ensure that you have the freshest data available it is required that you purge all old offers and files from your systems daily with the arrival of new feed files.