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Catalog feed

The catalog feed lists all the offers in a particular catalog.

Catalogs share a one-to-many relationship with offers. For example, multiple merchants may list offers for the same catalog, each of these are stored as a separate entry in the offers feed but the catalog to which they belong occupies only one entry in the catalog feed.

An example of a catalog would be: iPhone 5 64gb (black)

A corresponding offer would be: iPhone 5 64gb (Black) from MerchantX at PriceY.

A list of the elements in the catalog feed can be found below in the Appendix.


Frequency: generated every morning (CET)



“19811830”;”173101″;”new”;”Auna”;”Auna DTA90BT”;”DTA90BT”;;”4260236115312,4260236115336″;”http://r.kelkoo.com/r/CS/…6050350965656123869144870.jpg/RwI6FgPiN4u3A7kn9dHHsZrH5.E2Hmp3n3MuCG_7Ii0-“;”Heade_Manuf=Auna       Categ=Lecteur DVD       Categ=Lecteur de mp3    MP3_Playe=DVD   MP3_Playe=MP3   MP3_Playe=JPEG  DISP_Ampli_Outpu_Power_Total=180Watts   Wirel_Remot_Contr=Avec télécommande sans fil    Type=Autoradio et multimédia embarqué”


<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ standalone=”yes”?><catalogList country=”fr”>
    <title>Auna DTA90BT</title>


Fields Description
productId The product id
catId The category id
brand The brand
title The title
model The product model
line The product line
imageUrlList List of images
specificationList The list of specifications related to the product
eanList List of ean codes


You can ask your business developper to blacklist some categories or merchants; you can also ask which fields you want (all are optionnal)


Best Practices

– Check the gz files against the md5 file once you’ve downloaded the files to ensure the checksum is correct, if it’s not re-download as a non-match implies corruption.

– You can pause/activate your feed through our partner extranet; note that your feeds are automaticcally paused if you do not download them for one month

– For each catalog, you can find corresponding offers in the OfferFeed with key “catalog-id” by using product-id and catId fields concatenated with “-“.

  • Example : product-id = 19811830, catId = 173101, corresponding offers have catalogid = 19811830173101