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Category feed

The category feed is the KELKOO category tree.

You can have either CSV of XML format depending of your implementation.


Frequency: generated every morning (CET)



Category Name;Category ID;Level 2;Level 3;Level 4
“Auto et Moto”;”172601″;”Auto et Moto”;”No level 3″;”No level 4″
“Auto”;”173001″;”Auto et Moto”;”Auto”;”No level 4″
“Accessoires GPS”;”100304123″;”Auto et Moto”;”Auto”;”Accessoires GPS”


<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ standalone=”yes”?>
<CategorySearch id=”601″ format=”Tree” xmlns=”urn:kelkoo”>
    <Category id=”601″ name=”Home Page” isVirtual=”false” refinements=”false” catalogs=”false” ancestorIds=”601″ visualMoveParentId=”0″>


Elements under CategorySearch Attributes Description


  • catalogs : boolean (true/false) indicating if category contains products-related refinements : you can use catalog feed to products information

  • refinements : boolean (true/false) indicating if category contains offers-related refinements (could be useful if using shopping services)

  • name : display name of the category

  • id : identifier of the category

a single category


You can ask your business developper to blacklist some categories


Best Practices

–        Check the gz files against the md5 file once you’ve downloaded the files to ensure the checksum is correct, if it’s not re-download as a non-match implies corruption.

– You can pause/activate your feed through our partner extranet; note that your feeds are automaticcally paused if you do not download them for one month