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Merchant feed

The merchant feed provides detailed information on each active merchant, from delivery times to accepted methods of payment.

The feed contains only active merchants and as such can be used to remove invalid offers from your offer feed. For example, a merchant may remove all their offers in the middle of the day leaving you with a number of invalid offers in your offer feed. By checking the merchant file you’ll be able to see this change very quickly and remove any offers from the missing merchant in the offer feed.


Frequency: generated every hours



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<merchants xmlns="urn:com:kelkoo:merchant:bean:v1">
    <merchant id="13184213">


"13184213";"Boutiquegps";"http://www.boutiquegps.fr";"173801    100091613";"Accessoires Moto    Le Grand Bazar";;;;"http://r6.kelkoo.com/";;;;;
"12617113";"Atlas Choice";"http://www.atlaschoice.fr";"172301";"Location de voiture";;"accounts-priv@atlasdirect.co.uk";"0000000000";"http://r6.kelkoo.com//data/merchantlogos/12617113/AC-logo-80x24px.gif";;;"0000000000";;


Merchant properties
Merchant ID The merchant ID
Merchant name The Merchant name
Summary The description
Head office
Phone number The phone number
Fax number The fax numer
email The email
Website The merchant URL
Pricing & Shipping
Credits cards The credit cards accepted by the merchant
Other payment methods Other payment methods
Categories infos
Category ID The category ID for which the cpc and the merchant is active
Category name The category name for which the cpc and the merchant is active
Other infos
Delivery countries Delivered countries by the merchant
Logo url The merchant logo url
Number of ratings The number of ratings
Number of reviews The number of reviews
Other informations Other informations concerning the merchant

You can ask your business developper to blacklist some categories or merchants; you can also ask which fields you want (all are optionnal)


Best Practices

– Check the gz files against the md5 file once you’ve downloaded the files to ensure the checksum is correct, if it’s not re-download as a non-match implies corruption.

– You can pause/activate your feed through our partner extranet; note that your feeds are automaticcally paused if you do not download them for one month