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Catalog Listings

The Catalog Listings web service returns the offers for a selected catalog. This web service is a one of our key components in kelkoo and will help you bring price comparison to your site.

Request Parameters

The Catalog Listing web service supports the following parameters:

Name Type Summary
catalogId numeric (required) The Catalog Id of the Catalog of which to return Offers for. Catalog Id’s can be obtained using Catalog Search or Product Search.
start numeric (optional) default 1 The index number of the first Offer to return.
results integer (optional) The number of Offers to return.
sort string (optional) Sort the results by:

  • price_ascending
  • price_descending
  • totalprice_ascending
  • totalprice_descending
mobileFriendly bool (optional) 0 or 1 When set to 1, the response will return mobile compliant offers only


You can limit the number of Offers the service return by using the ‘results’ parameter, and you can control the start index of the first Offer returned by using the start parameter. Use this to build pagination features on your listing result pages.


  • Use the following query to retrieve Offers for Catalog ‘124901-19700795’, a Canon EOS 600D Digial Camera:
  • Use the following query to retrieve the first five Offers:
  • Use the following query to retrieve the next five Offers:
  • Use the following query to retrieve the first five Offers sorted by ascending price:

Response Elements

Web Service Element

Name Summary
CatalogListings Contains Offer elements. Has the attributes:

  • totalMerchantsAvailable: The number of merchants available in the query
  • totalResultsAvailable: The number of query matches in the database
  • totalResultsReturned: The number of query matches returned. This may be lower than the number of results requested if there were fewer total results available
  • firstResultPosition: The position of the first result in the overall search

Offer elements

  • Common fields are used.
  • All offer types can be contained in this service: offer types

Sample Response

The following is a sample response when you search for the catalogID: 100343023-19862080 with the service.

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