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Catalog search

The Catalog Search V3 web service returns product catalogs for a selected category ordered by product popularity. This web service will help you bring the latest popular products to your users.

Request Parameters

The Catalog Search web service supports the following request parameters:

Name Type Summary
category numeric (required) The unique id of the category to search in. Category ids can be found from the category search web service.
start numeric (optional) default 0
The index number of the first catalog to return. It must be higher than 0 and less than the total number of catalogs available.
results integer (optional) default 20
The number of Catalogs to return. It must be higher than 0 and less than or equal to 50.
sort string (optional) default popularity descending The sort option, sorting type can be null (popularity by default) or

  • price_ascending
  • price_descending
  • title_ascending
  • title_descending
refinement string (optional) The refinement value(s) to use in this request.Can only be used if enabled in the client profile. Several values can be passed by using the following syntax: “value1,value2,value3″.

Response Elements

Top Level Element

Name Summary
CatalogSearch Contains Catalog and Refinements elements. Has the attributes:

  • catid: The unique ID of the category.
  • categoryName: The name of the kelkoo category
  • country: The country of the catalog.
  • firstResultPosition: The position of the first catalog returned.
  • totalResultsReturned: The number of catalogs returned in this search.
  • totalResultsAvailable: The total number of results available for this category.

Catalog elements

Name Summary
Name Contains the name of the product.
CatalogID Contains the unique identifier of the catalog. Can be used with related web services to retrieve more additional information for the catalog.
CompareUrl Contains the links to the product page on Kelkoo.
Description Contains the 50 firsts character of the product description.
  • currency
  • Lowest : Contains the lowest price of the catalog.
  • Highest : Contains the highest price of the catalog.


Images Contains the information about the image

  • Image
    • size (small, medium, large)
    • Url
    • Height
    • Width
  • ZoomImage
    • Url
Brand Contains the brand name of the catalog.
Model Contains the model of the product.
Product id The product unique identifier


Name Summary
name Contains the name of the refinement attribute.
label Contains the display name of the refinement attribute.
totalvalues Contains the number of refine values available for this refinement attribute.
type Type of refinement :

  • ValueList : list of value
  • Day : refinement as a day
  • Month : refinement as a month
isCrawlable Only for internal use.

RefineValue Elements

Name Summary
Title Contains the display name for the refinement.
NumberOfProducts Contains the number of products available for this refinement.
Value Contains the value for the Refinement that can be used as a value for the refinement request parameter.

Image Elements

Name Summary
URL Contains the URL to retrieve the image.
Height Contains the image height.
Width Contains the image height.

Sample Response

The following is a sample response when you search for the categoryID: 124901 with the service.


Catalog Listings