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Flight Search

The Flight Search web service returns flight offers live from our travel partners. This service will help you bring travel to live on your site by providing your users with the opportunity to find available flights to an exhaustive list of destinations all over the world.

Request Parameters

The Flight Search web service supports the following request parameters:

Name Type Summary
from string (required) The departure city.
to string (required) The destination city.
dep_day integer (required)
The departure day.
dep_month integer (required)
The departure month.
dep_year integer (required) The departure year.
ret_day integer (optional)
The return day if applicable.
ret_month integer (optional)
The return month if applicable.
ret_year integer (optional) The return year if applicable.
num_adults integer (required)
The number of adults on this flight.
num_children integer (required)
The number of children on this flight.
num_babies integer (required)
The number of babies on this flight.
direct string (optional)
true or false
The type of flight. It is set to “Direct=true” for direct flights only.
airline string (optional) The name of the airline. This parameter is only used in DK, NL and FR
ticketclass string (required)
economy or business
The ticket class.
useAirportCode bool (optional)
true or false
If set to true, the query will only use airports code.
sort string (optional) Sort the results by:

  • airline_ascending
  • airline_descending
  • merchantname
  • totalprice_ascending
  • totalprice_descending
results integer (optional) The number of results to return in each request
start integer (optional) The start index of the first result to return.
searchId string (optional) The search ID identifying the search. This is needed for paging
userIp string (optional) The client user IP (mandatory to have all merchants)
userAgent string (optional) The client user User-Agent (ENCODED IN BASE64)

Response elements

Top level Elements

Name Summary
FlightSearch Root container for all API calls. Contains Journey elements. Including the xml schema and namespace definitions.Attributes:

  • totalResultsReturned: The number of results; returned.
  • totalResultsAvailable: the total number of results
  • firstResultPosition: The position of the first result in the overall search.
  • searchId: The unique identifier for this search that will be used for paging.


Offer elements

Sample Response

The following is a sample response when you search for a paris/moscou flight with the service.

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