Welcome to the Kelkoo Group Customer Service

Merchant Search

The Merchant Search web service returns merchant information (only active merchants are returned) for selected merchants or a category. This service will help you make your users feel more confident when shopping online by providing detailed information such as store ratings and security features of the stores they shop at.

Request Parameters

The following parameters can be used with the Merchant Search web service:

Name Type Summary
aid string (required) Your Authentification ID provided to you by Kelkoo.
timestamp string (required) The number of seconds passed since January 1st 1970. The timestamp is used to sign the URL.
hash string (required) The hash that will be used to validate your access.
merchant integer The merchant ID. May contain multiple values separated by commas. Required if catId is not set.
category integer The category to search in. must be the category ID. Required if comId is not set.
enable string List of elements to show separated by commas. No value will show all elements. Possible values:
start integer (optional)
default 1
The starting result position to return.
results integer (optional) The number of merchants to return

Response Elements

Top level Elements

Name Summary
Merchant Contains a list of merchants.Attributes:

  • id: integer indicating the merchant id.


Merchant Elements

Name Summary
Name The name of the merchant.
Phone The phone of the merchant
Fax The fax of the merchant
Email The email of the merchant
OtherInfo Other information about the merchant
DeliveryCountries Delivery countries of the merchant
MerchantUrl The Url to the merchant website.
Profile Contains the summary of the merchant and the URL to his logo.
ProfileUrl The URL to the merchant profile on Kelkoo.
CreditCards The type of credit cards available to pay with this merchant.
OtherPaymentMethods The type other payment methods available with this merchant.


Profile Elements

Name Summary
Summary The summary for this merchant.
Logo The URL and dimension of the merchant logo.


Sample Response

The following is a sample response when you search for the categoryID: 124901 with the service.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<MerchantSearch totalResultsReturned="20" totalResultsAvailable="26" firstResultPosition="1" xmlns="urn:yahoo:prods">
    <Merchant id="11653513">
        <Name>Rakuten </Name>
        <MerchantUrl>https://fr.shopping.rakuten.com </MerchantUrl>
            <Category id="125801">
                <Name>Accessoires pour téléphone portable</Name>
            <Category id="150701">