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Code Samples

The Kelkoo Shopping Web Services enables you to use Kelkoo comparison shopping data to power your site or application. Using our web services, you can search our database of millions of product offers from thousands of merchants to create applications that provide comparison shopping and product search functionality.

Signing Requests

In order to access the web Services you must first sign your URLs. The signing process checks whether you are authorized to use the web services.
To sign a URL you will use your tracking Id and secret key.

You will find below the same function, in different languages, that will create the URLs. All you have to do is fill in your information.

Sending Requests

Now that you have the URL you will need to use a REST function to be able to fetch information from the web service.
This is simply done by using a standard HTTP request. You will find below samples of REST queries.

Parsing XML (Produc Search Result)