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Traffic improvement

The Kelkoo Shopping Web Services enables you to use Kelkoo comparison shopping data to power your site or application. Using our web services, you can search our database of millions of product offers from thousands of merchants to create applications that provide comparison shopping and product search functionality.

Caching offers

You can implement a caching solution under certain conditions:

  • You should not cache requests more than 4 hours in order to assure freshness even if the TimeToLive of the GO URL is set to 7 days.
  • “Live” WebServices (i.e Flight Search and Hotel Search) cannot be cached

You will find below some examples of caching implementation in different languages (from Yahoo! Developer Network):

Improve the quality of traffic:

You can optimize the use of the service, the relevancy of results displayed by e.g.

  • use CatalogListing? on dedicated product pages by inserting pIDs in order to get offers on a specific product instead of e.g. displaying a generic product search module on their homepage.
  • use ProductSearch? with corresponding keywords to the topic of your page.
  • cache all offers that are displayed on your homepage (becareful to find the good balance between caching and freshness, see above).
  • avoid deep crawling on links provided in the API.
  • limit the number of results to the number of offer really displayed on the site. If 10  offers are displayed on the page, the request must ask only 10 results to the API.
    • ask ProductSearch response in JSON format
      • add in Header “Content-Type: application/json
      • ex.: curl -H “Content-Type: application/json” “http://fr.shoppingapis.kelkoo.com/V3/productSearch?category=108801&start=1&results=2&aid=…”
    • call ProductSearch with compression mode
      • add in Header “Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate
      • ex.: curl -H “Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate” “http://fr.shoppingapis.kelkoo.com/V3/productSearch?category=108801&start=1&results=2&aid=…”