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PayPal payment guide

Initial payment settings

Enter the payment section in the Merchant Extranet, select the type of plan, choose the budget amount and proceed by clicking the Submit button.

Kelkoo paypal payment guide

You will be redirected automatically on the PayPal page, in which you have to enter the credentials of your account (email and password).

Kelkoo paypal credentials

Your PayPal account will be synced with Kelkoo.
After confirmation, you will have to wait until the next day to see the Budget within the Merchant Extranet Kelkoo (under “Financial Forecast”).

What should I do if the budget does not update on Kelkoo?

If payment should not be successful, you will receive an email from Kelkoo support with the message: “Check your PayPal account” and you will see the same message in the Merchant Extranet.
You will need to check your PayPal account to check if the credentials & card details you’ve provided are correct.

How do I cancel / modify PayPal payment?

You need to enter the PayPal account and cancel the connection.
To connect a new PayPal account to Kelkoo, redo the steps described in “Initial payment settings”