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Kelkoo Sales Tracking

Why is sales tracking important?

A “tracking code” or “tracking tag”, is a small portion of code placed on a website or mobile app. All players in the industry make use of tracking codes. From small websites, to social media giants, these codes assist in the analysis and subsequent optimization of their offering, from ensuring users see relevant content, to having visibility on profitability. Without some degree of tracking, online businesses would be blind, unable to make effective or informed decisions.

Why should I implement Kelkoo Sales Tracking?

Kelkoo Group aim to meet your ROI/COS targets. To do so, we need to be able to make decisions on what kind of traffic to deliver to you. What works for one merchant might not work for another. The insights the Kelkoo Sales Tracking tag provide are invaluable to this decision-making process. Kelkoo Sales Tracking plays an integral role in both automated, and manual decision making. Without it, our ability to help you meet your targets is heavily compromised. For that reason, we see Kelkoo Sales Tracking as integral to your success with us.

Sales tracking guides will explain how to make use of these services.

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