Welcome to the Kelkoo Group Customer Service

Migration from V1 to V2

If you are already using Kelkoo Sales Tracking, then it is very easy to migrate to V2, you just need to add a leadTag script to all your pages.

The lead tag will write a cookie “kelkooId” on your domain to enable first party cookie tracking. You may want to add it to your cookie policy on your website.
Please ensure you’re providing users with clear and comprehensive information about the data you collect on your websites, and get consent for that collection where legally required.

Classic integration

Place the following code at the end of the head section on every page on your website:

<script async="true" type="text/javascript" src="https://s.kk-resources.com/leadtag.js" ></script>

Tips : You can  generally append the piece of code to an existing file already included on every page of your website (for example your header).

Google Tag Manager integration

Go to your Google Tag Manager, log into your account, and then create a new custom HTML tag like this:

<script async="true" type="text/javascript" src="https://s.kk-resources.com/leadtag.js" ></script>

In the “trigger” drop-down menu select “All Pages Views”.

That’s it!