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I want to upload my Product data feed to Kelkoo’s FTP server. Where can I get account information?

Contact your account manager or technical contact to request a FTP account

How do I upload my Product data feed to the Kelkoo FTP server?

We have created a guide for those who want to upload a file to our ftp : File transfer

My Product data feed contains HTML code. Is this a problem?

We will remove any HTML code, so you can choose to leave it there, or clear the file for tidiness.

I can’t find my products on Kelkoo. Where are they?

  • On Kelkoo website, fill the search bar with the title of one of the offers that is available in your product data feed.
  • Click the “I” icon on top right of your offer.
  • On the offer detailed view click on the link “See all offers from [your store name]”
  • All you offers will be listed
  • On the left menu you’ll see the list of categories where your offers are listed
  • If you are a new merchant on Kelkoo, it may take a few days before all the products are categorised correctly and are available through the product search.

Which IPs are used by Kelkoo?

Local test IP:

Production environment (online IPs):


For live searches (flight, hotels, car hire) you can also expect requests from 193.104.219.(42-51)

I’ve updated my Product data feed. How long does it take before the changes are online?

To know when Kelkoo sites are updated please check the following page: Product data feed accessibility

My products are online but there are errors in the display/categorisation. What can I do?

Please check your feed to ensure that there aren’t any errors.

If the error shown on Kelkoo isn’t caused by an error in the feed please contact us

Why aren’t my images displayed on Kelkoo?

When you add new images in your product feed (or if this is your first upload) please allow 72 hours for the images to be shown online on Kelkoo.

If your products have been online for more than three days, and the images are still not online please contact us

The delivery information for my products are wrong. How can I update this?

If the delivery information in your feed is not what is being displayed on Kelkoo then please contact us

I use Google Analytics, does it work with Kelkoo?

You should be able to use Google Analytics to monitor traffic from Kelkoo without any problems. The only thing you have to do is to add three parameters to your deep links (or ask Kelkoo to do it for you). The parameters are:

  • utm_source (suggested value: kelkoouk)
  • utm_medium (suggested value: cpc)
  • utm_campaign (suggested value: kelkooclick)

To give an example, you have the following product link:


Adding the additional Google Analytics parameters will then give:


With the additional parameters included in the product link, Google Analytics will be able to “see” the traffic coming from Kelkoo. Please note that the Google Analytics reports will tell you the number of Visitors, which is not directly comparable to Kelkoo Click numbers (you must take into account that on average visitors do more than one click).

For more information, please see the Google Analytics support site:

  1. How does campaign tracking work?
  2. Tool: URL Builder

What types of product codes are recognised by your systems?

We accept the following range of product codes:

  • UPC-E
  • UPC-A / GTIN-12
  • EAN-8 / UCC-8 / GTIN-8
  • EAN-13 / UCC-13 / GTIN-13
  • EAN-14 / UCC-14 / GTIN-14
  • ISBN-13

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