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Product data feed

File formats

The Product data feed can be a CSV, XML or any kind of structured text file.
Preferably you should set up a script that exports data from your database to a file, and set up a routine to keep this file updated.


XML format

If you opt for an XML file, here are some recommendations to ease the integration.
Please note that an invalid xml file can not be operated by our system and your offers will not be updated.

  • Name your file “'<sitename>_kelkoo_<countryprefix>.xml”
  • Respect the name of the XML tags as shown in the Fields details table
  • To validate your XML file, it is preferable to insert the contents of the text fields in a CDATA section
    The description often includes non-escaped specific characters such as &, >, or <. The CDATA section is not analyzed. Thus, we recommend using it if you do not take care to validate your XML Product data feed before sending it to us.
    • For example :
You can insert specific characters such as &,>, or <. Your xml file will still be valid.
    • Specify the encoding of your file in the header
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


    • Sample XML file
    • Below an example that shows one product in a product file. For XML validation you can use http://validator.w3.org/ (external link)
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
        <title><![CDATA[100 Pant fleece pant, men's 10/11]]></title>
        <brand><![CDATA[The North Face]]></brand>
        <description><![CDATA[The North Face TKA 100 Pant fleece pant is designed for cold conditions and fits very well under the shell clothing.]]></description>
        <merchant-category><![CDATA[Clothing - Men - Pants - Outdoor Pants]]></merchant-category>
        <delivery-time><![CDATA[1-3 days]]></delivery-time>


Text format

If you choose a text file, here are some recommendations:

  • Name your file ‘<sitename>_kelkoo_<countryprefix>.txt’ and save it in UNIX format / DOS
  • Use field separators to separate offers, the new line allows our system to distinguish between offers.
  • You can use any type of field separator.
  • Of course, the field separator should not be present within a same field (for example in the description). The tab will be the only field separator accepted for a the Kelkpack offer.
  • All offers must contain the same number of fields. If a field is blank, the field separator must be present.
  • Example of a text file with a Tab (t) separator:
    title	product-url	price	brand	description	image-url	merchant-category	ean	availability	delivery-cost	delivery-time	condition	ecotax	warranty	mobile-url	kelkoo-category-id	mpn	sku	color	unit-price	offer-type	merchant-info	currency
    Tunelink Home 	http://tracking.lengow.com/shortUrl/1158-17881-618213/	49.90	New Potato	Tunelink Home Recepteur Bluetooth et télécommande universelle - Connectez votre Chaine HiFi en Bluetooth grâce à votre Smartphones	https://images.grosbill.com/imagesproduitnew/images150jpg/618213.jpg	mobilite_pda > accessoire audio	815166010035	1	3	Sous 2 à 3 jours	0	0.00	garanti 3 ans			1101-TLHMEA1	618213					EUR
  • Example that shows the first two lines in a .csv file:
    "100 Pant fleece pant, men's 10/11," "http://www.merchant.com/product/100-pant-fleecebukse-herre-1011-19959.aspx", "599.00", "The North Face"; "The North Face TKA 100 Pant fleece pant is designed for cold conditions and fits very well under the shell clothing. "" http://www.merchant.com/uploads/pictures/21691-128.jpg "" 0732075821555 "," Clothing - Pants - Outdoor Pants "," 1 "," 99 "," 1-3

File transfer


There are two possible ways for recovering your file which are explained below. Your file should be named kelkoo_<countryprefix>.xml or kelkoo_<countryprefix>.txt. The partner file must always keep the same name.

You can check file recovery hours at the following page: Accessibility

HTTP transfer mode

To use this transfer mode, you must provide a URL where we can find your complete Product data feed.
For example: http://yoursite.fr/kelkoo.xml
In the case of large volumes of data, your http server must be set to allow the complete download of the Product data feed.

FTP transfer mode

If you want to submit your file to your FTP account, you must provide:

  • The address / URL of your FTP server
  • The name of the file(s) used, zipped if possible
  • A login and a password

On demand, you have the possibility to host your file on a Kelkoo FTP server. We will communicate your login and password as soon as your Kelkoo FTP server account will be created.

FTP upload using Internet Explorer

You may use a FTP program (for instance FileZilla) or follow these steps (using internet explorer):

  1. Type in the following URL including username and password: ftp://username:password@ftpkelkoo.kelkoo.net/ (username/password need to be changed into the values provided by Kelkoo)
  2. You should then be logged in like this:
    product data feed ftp transfer
  3. The next step is to open a FTP site in Windows Explorer. Press Alt, click View, and then click Open FTP Site in File Explorer.
  4. You will then be prompted again for the username and password. Type in the provided values given by Kelkoo. The two steps look like this:
    product data feed ftp transfer for IE
  5. After opening the FTP Site, you are ready to upload your file. This can be done by either drag and drop, or copy paste into the FTP folder from your local folder.
  6. After either drag and drop or copy paste, you should see a confirmation that the file is being uploaded.

The Product data feed has now been uploaded successfully to your FTP account and you can inform your technical contact at Kelkoo.