Welcome to the Kelkoo Group Customer Service

Store logo

Why a store logo

In addition to a Product data feed we need your logo to display next to your products.
The benefit of a store logo is to add a visual branding to your product listing.

Store logo for Kelkoo

Format of your logo

The logo needs to be a gif or jpeg image that is 80 pixels wide by 24 pixels high.

Upload of your logo

You must log into your Kelkoo extranet dashboard:

  • From the main page, go to “Site Information”
  • On this page, press the “Edit” button at the bottom of the page
  • Then click “Choose File” on the “Upload your logo” (Warning: the logo must always be in gif format and 80 * 24)
  • Once you have selected your logo, just click “Save” at the bottom of page.