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Tradedoubler reports

Overview and explanation of relevant reports for the merchants.


Once logged in you will see the menu on your left.
When clicking a report name you can choose the site ID, currency, event, time period etc that you want to run the report on. Please note that the default value in period is set to “custom period” and today’s date.

TD menu for kelkoo

At some report selection pages there is an advanced option where you can select which columns you want displayed in the report. The chosen options will be remembered and the next time you open a report selection page, these values will be set as default.

TD report Kelkoo

Overview report

The purpose of the overview report is to identify quality affiliates and it will also be useful when evaluating promotions.
The overview report lists all publisher sites that have generated a valid transaction (impression, click, lead, checkpoint or sale) within the chosen time period. This gives the advertiser a good overview of which publisher sites generated transactions and who the top generating publishers were.


Ad report

This report is to give you information about the results generated from a particular ad. The report accumulates all traffic for one program and breaks it down per ad.

Ad-TD-Report Kelkoo

Custom event report

It is possible to have several kinds of leads and / or sales to a program. For example, sales on a site could be divided into sales of books, sales of CD’s and sales of games.
This report shows a breakdown of the different kinds of events that are tracked and measured on the site. If the program only has one type of event, this is what will be

Custom Event Report Kelkoo

Sales and leads breakdown report

The sales and lead breakdown report is to give you a detailed view on all sales and leads generated through your affiliated sites. Select the period of your choice and run the report. All sales or leads that have taken place during this period will then be listed, showing time of visit and time of event.

Sale-And-Lead-Breakdown-Report-TD Kelkoo

My reports

The “My reports” section is where all the reports that you have saved are managed. You can edit the saved report, add a subscription, delete and run the report.
Select the report that you want to edit and select the required time period. If want you can choose to edit the saved report to change the columns that you want to see.

myreports1 TD Kelkoo

If you or anyone else wants this report sent to you by mail you can choose to subscribe on reports.

  1. Start date: When do you want the system to start sending you the reports?
  2. Period: How often do you want the report sent to you?
    1. Daily: Valid for 30 days
    2. Weekly: Valid for 60 days
    3. Monthly: Valid for 120 days
  3. E-mail: To which address should the report be sent?
  4. Output format: In which format you would like to receive the report.

Press save.


myreports2-TD Kelkoo

The saved subscriptions can be viewed and edited at any time.

myreports3-TD Kelkoo