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FAQ tradedoubler

Why do I need to set up the redirect page?


Tradedoubler tracking system “G2”, uses both persistent cookies and session cookies to track the traffic generated within the network. Session cookies are used when users don’t allow persistent cookies. By combining both session and persistent cookies, set by both Tradedoubler and the advertiser, we get very reliable tracking solution.

The user arrives at the Kelkoo website and carries out a search and your product is displayed.

The user clicks on your product and is redirected to the Tradedoubler server where a persistent cookie called “TRADEDOUBLER” is placed on the user’s browser. This cookie contains the TDUID (set in the Tradedoubler database – unique per user) and provides information about the click.

The server also sets the TDUID as a parameter in the redirect URL and sends the user to the advertisers redirect page.

What is the redirect page used for?

On the redirect page the TDUID from the request URL is picked up and set in a persistent cookie and a session cookie, on the user’s computer. The user is then sent to the destination/product information page.

How do I create the redirect page?

The page may be called http://www.your-domain/tradedoubler_redirect.html
This page should contain code to pick up the TDUID and set this value in a persistent cookie and in a session cookie.

Code examples can be found here: Relevant code examples.

When the page is ready and stored on your server you should send the URL to your technical contact.

Does Kelkoo use the redirect page to send the users from Kelkoo to my products in my web shop?

No, the redirect page is only used as an intermediate page in the Tradedoubler tracking process.

Which parameters are required, and may I leave some of them empty?

Parameters which need to be set:

  • organisation
  • event
  • orderNumber
  • orderValue
  • review

Optional: (leave empty if not used)

  • reportInfo

I’m ready to test the Tradedoubler tracking. Where can I get the values for organization and event?

Please send a request for Tradedoubler values here: TD Values

How can I test the Tradedoubler implementation?

Please follow these instructions: Implementation of TradeDoubler Tracking

What’s wrong when the TDUID parameter is empty in my receipt page?

There might be incomplete registration of your Tradedoubler program. Make sure you have set up the redirect page and communicated the URL to Kelkoo. Please contact us.

Where can I see statistics on clicks and sales?

Here is a guide to your first time login: First time login on TradeDoubler

Here is a description of the reports: Tradedoubler reports

Why doesn’t my login work at Tradedoubler?

Please check that you typed the correct username and password.
If you haven’t created a password yet check out this guide: Registration on Tradedoubler

If you’re still experiencing problems please contact us