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You can determine your budget and alter it as you wish over time. You are in control of your spending

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Quick set up

Sign up your store free of charge and start receiving traffic in no time

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Cost control

Customise CPC by category to maximise your investment

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CPC model

You only pay for the traffic you get

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Performance and ROI of your campaign at hand

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Self-service bidding interface to update your bids anytime you need to

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Sell your products on Kelkoo Group "network"

Kelkoo Group helps thousands of retailers across the world to acquire new customers and increase online sales by advertising products through highly targeted ad placements across a network of premium publishers. You pay only when customers are redirected to your store.

Reach thousands of online shoppers

The Kelkoo Group Network helps merchants advertise their products to millions of consumers through our network of leading publishers worldwide.

Cost to get started

Your entire budget will be utilised purely based on the number of clicks you receive, and the CPC is applied in the relevant category. You can then decide between having this budget renewed automatically, or topping it up manually. A monthly budget can even be set up. Get started now!

Category Bidding

Autonomously adjust CPC bids at a category level. For the first time ever, you are now able to manage your spend at Kelkoo Group yourself! Manage your individual CPC bids through our intuitive bidding interface, to boost your visibility in categories that are the most relevant to you and gain an edge over your competition.

Better visibility. More sales

The bidding interface allows you to give more visibility to selected products, for example top sellers or products on sales. Increasing CPC for a selection of products will result in prominent placement within our Kelkoo Group sites and network.

Feed Report

Feed Report

Gain detailed insights on your product feed upload. Log in to your Merchant Extranet account to run a detailed report on your product feed. At the click of a button, see which products were successfully uploaded, preview each individual listing, and quickly identify areas for improvement in your feed.

Statistics Interface

Monitor your campaign performance from click to sale. With Kelkoo Group Tracking Solution you will be able to take your campaign analysis to the next level! Once integrated in your online store, our technology will deliver sales & conversions data directly to your Merchant Extranet account, giving you the most efficient tool to make performance-driven decisions. There are many other benefits offered by Kelkoo Group Tracking Solution. Contact us today to find out more!

Kelkoo Group Sales Tracking

Why is tracking important?

A "tracking code" or "tracking tag", is a small portion of code placed on a website or mobile app. All players in the industry make use of tracking codes. From small websites, to social media giants, these codes assist in the analysis and subsequent optimization of their offering, from ensuring users see relevant content, to having visibility on profitability. Without some degree of tracking, online businesses would be blind, unable to make effective or informed decisions.

Why should I implement Kelkoo Sales Tracking?

Kelkoo Group aim to meet your ROI/COS targets. To do so, we need to be able to make decisions on what kind of traffic to deliver to you. What works for one merchant might not work for another. The insights the Kelkoo Sales Tracking tag provide are invaluable to this decision-making process. Kelkoo Sales Tracking plays an integral role in both automated, and manual decision making. Without it, our ability to help you meet your targets is heavily compromised. For that reason, we see Kelkoo Sales Tracking as integral to your success with us.

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To test your implementation, simply simulate an order placed on your site.